It is how when you simply fall in one category of gender and how the world begins to take away from you, one human right at a time! How women are percieved as a product, ready to be consumed, how they can not go beyond an image of a pretty, beautiful, always smiling, flowery girl, who is always ready to sacrifice herself and her needs for the man in her life-be it the father, partner, brother, the boss, how a debate led by a woman during a family dinner is usually ignored, or not being taken seriously, how it all comes down to rape threats and other sexual violence, it is how a woman is simply narrowed down to a box in which you threaten to deposit your sperms everytime she begins to break the mould you’ve set for her. It is how the world is consistently telling you how to be a “girl”, the times change-the marketing campaigns change. Earlier you’d have a woman in a kitchen for the marketing, now you have a woman in a boxing ring, strong headed, who gives no fuck. Another image of another girl, another story that tells how to be a female. A divine image of a woman who is fighting for the rights because she is always the victim to the problems of the society! What if you like to embrace the vulenerable side of you that is not as fit as the athetic beauties,not as divine as Maa Kali and what if you are okay, depending on a man and still feel fine? What if you want to be a human and not a “WOMAN”? Nobody tells you exactly why you have to help your mother in the kitchen whenever somebody visits, while your brother can just play videos games, while he can have the right to talk back, a girl shouldn’t. She is judged for the little things-how she easts her food, how she runs, how she drives a car, how she laughs, how she sits among people, how she dresses, where she goes, at what time she goes, who she goes out with, what she drinks and what she smokes! These basic things that are ingrained in the soceity later lead to the bigger gender issues such as rapes, lack of consent, harrasment, low pay at work, dowry, making it a fact that women are a second gender, and a liabilty to the family. How the conversation is always centered around how the victim-the girl should’ve done things differently, how is it that we or our elders rarely talk about how men should behave, and not try to control everything around them? It is not okay to tell your girls that it is not safe to go out, and never telling the boys to learn how to respect the other individual. It is not okay when girls can’t get education because the family has to save for her wedding and her dowry. It is not alright to know that marital rape is legal. It definitely does not feel okay to read the headlines stating that a 3 year old got raped by an older man.
It’s 2018 and it is still so exhilirating to simply expect respect and freedom, while a man can get it so easily, everyday.


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