As I was passing by a street,

Looking for the idea called life,

I was faced by the idea called insecurity instead,

A beautiful curiosity,

The myth of why,

I got to have only one flower,

While a house had a garden,

I didn’t want to be envious of it,

After all the flowers were wild,

And the house deserved the nature’s blessing,

While me on the other hand,

Was a man made product,

Consistently trying to correct itself,

Stand in elegance,

And fall in a delight,

Wanting to be perfectly cut like a diamond,

Kept in a case,

Be presented to the one and only,

Be presented as a solitaire,

Maybe I didn’t deserve the flowers of that house,

Maybe I only deserved the petals of the flower that fell from that tree,

The flower that fell from the tree,

What a sight!

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