It was probably the way they lived their lives, that they forgot about how essential it was to stop in that afternoon to watch the sunflower tilt towards the sunlight while it trembled and unlifted itlsef and moved and danced to the tune of the sun in a harmony that couldn’t be felt, music that was unsung in my town. 

In my town we had different rules, we had fear, we had rare laughter, motivated by other’s interests. 

In my town we forgot to understand how beautiful it was to slowly grow, grow for yourself, so I’ll meet you on the outskirts of my town. That’s exactly the place I meet myself, talk to myself, and as I sit with a heavy heart, I can’t stop thinking about the things which makes the tears unstoppable, but life’s better on the outskirts.

I watched the sunflower trembling, and I knew it was growing. 

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