While you are constantly trying to battle the world’s set perceptions, while even now when you type the simplest words, forming sentences and forming doubts if it should be talked about or not, if it’s honest enough or not, if it’s strong enough to provoke a thought or not, I hope you’re able to set in the darkness for a while till you find the courage to be who you are, and think like you only you could.
While you are constantly trying to hide, I hope you believe in your light that speaks truth and strength.
While you are consistently pushing yourself to grow, I hope you are also able to detect how you limit yourself and also you cross the boundary in style.
While you are standing at the edge of the circle, I hope you find the reason to tip toe your way to the other side, to the other dimension, where the voice is understood and heard.
While you are running the rat race, I hope you don’t forget to pick up the flowers and swing with laughter that hurts and love that feels so warm.
While you are trying to kill the hatred outside, I hope you are not feeding the wrong side within.
While you are mesmerized by the beauty of the red rose, I hope you are dazzled by the light of the wildflower,
While you are looking for the light all the time, I hope you understand it is to understand the darkness,
While you are finding the inspiration from the materials, I hope you find what moves you,
While you are waiting for the approval, I hope you’ve already made the decision of getting up and taking the walk,
While you are living the life of others, I hope you find out what it means to create a life of own,
While you are constantly trying to battle the world’s set perceptions, I hope that you believe in the radiance of hope.

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